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Why Kosher?

Through the years, people have suggested theories about the health benefits of kosher food. Some say that kosher food is less vulnerable to parasites and bacteria. Others theorize that the non-permitted species of animals are hunters whose natures might affect the characters of the people who consume them.

Be that as it may, the bottom line is that Jews eat kosher because God told them to do so, whether or not they understand the whys and wherefores. If this is what God commands, the observant Jew trusts that this food is the best nourishment for him, body and soul.
It is easier to understand that foods may have latent physical benefits or dangers of which we are unaware. Who imagined a century ago that animal fat would be regarded as a hidden killer? And who would have guessed that the humble carrot was really a cancer fighter in disguise?
From the Jewish point of view, kosher food is the optimal diet for our spiritual health, while foods prohibited by the Torah are the trans fats and refined sugars of our unique spiritual metabolism. We may not understand exactly how it works – but we know that "kosher" is the ultimate Jewish regimen!