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Kosher Certification

The Process

The certification process is quite simple, and with a manager in VIETNAM, the potential client only has to follow the steps below.
1. Application and submit (download application form here)
2. Internal Office Review
3. Initial Inspection
4. Contract

5. Approval & Certification
CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are now kosher certified by KOF-K Kosher Supervision, one of the nation’s premier certifying agencies. Welcome to the KOF-K‘s world wide network of kosher food certification.

Following certification, you will be introduced to iKosher, our cutting edge, interactive computer communications system. IKOSHER is custom designed to help you maximize the benefits of your quality KOF-K kosher certification by enhancing your quick and comprehensive communication with the KOF-K.
In order to tracking and get in the KOF-K global network, please be noted some important information from Kosher Certificate: :
1. Use Company English name , Certificate ID#, UKD #: track on:
2. Use Product English name: track on
3. Use Company English name: track on
4. The expiry date of the Certificate, please inform us 30days before expiry date for certificate renew.
How long does the certification process take?
Approximately 2 weeks, but is dependent upon the accuracy of the application, speed of payment, and location of facility.